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Our Mission

The Spirit of Love and Soothing

We help people with beauty and healing through esthetic techniques.

The clinic was named after beautician Yuri Takano,
whose desire it was to use her own name to provide responsible care for clients.
To make this resolve a reality, Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic focuses on training to cultivate superior,
authentic estheticians. We believe that a “true esthetician” not only has a high level of esthetic technique,
but has a spirit of love and soothing, and is a “beauty therapist” that provides clients with deep comfort and healing.
A sound mind boosts natural healing power and helps one to achieve inner kindness and beauty.
As a company for women and by women,
Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic continues to explore new beauty and healing techniques needed
for the new era so that all women may have a vivacious, beautiful future.

Our Quality Policy

At Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic, we have put forth three quality policies based on our corporate philosophy of “a spirit of love and soothing”, promising even higher quality.

  • 1

    Pursue techniques that satisfy clients as part of Takano’s techniques.

    Basic education, not only in esthetic techniques but in dermatology, physiology and anatomy, Chinese medicine, nutrition, detoxification, psychology, manners, and more is essential to become a beauty specialist.

  • 2

    Provide an extraordinary space with replete facilities and interior design.

    An elegant and refined interior where every nook and cranny is pristine, with cosmetics and cotton pads guests can use freely… We create relaxing spaces that satisfy our guests.

  • 3

    Train estheticians to provide safe, reliable treatment.

    Only those who have undergone a combination of three stages of training, which consist of new employee training, full-time employee training, and step training, and on-the-job training at the salon, and who have acquired technical certifications prescribed by our company may work as an esthetician here.

Our Quality Values

  • Systemized Service Improvement Cycle

    What drives the evolution of Fuji Beauty Group is our proprietary Service Improvement Cycle. We listen to what our clients have to say, then strive to improve our esthetic techniques and customer service.

    Systemized Service Improvement Cycle
    Systemized Service Improvement Cycle
  • Regular member of a prestigious

    We are a regular member of the All Nippon Esthetic Association.

    the All Nippon Esthetic Association.
  • All salons directly managed by

    To maintain quality, all Takano Yuri Beauty Clinics are directly managed by headquarters.