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Global esthetic
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Yuri Takano spent 46 years visiting over 40 countries to experience both traditional and cutting-edge aging care* techniques around the world. We have taken only the best of these techniques and have arranged them to suit the skin and sensibilities of our clients in Japan, and present these as Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic’s original courses.

We were among the first to incorporate Ayurveda, which everyone now knows, and the Hawaiian treatment Lomi-Lomi ® into esthetic treatment. For Lomi-Lomi ® in particular, we have invited authentic practitioners from Hawaii to Japan to teach the real techniques to 100 of our estheticians. We have trademarked Lomi-Lomi at Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic in order to protect this traditional Hawaiian technique. We will continue to provide treatments from around the world with a focus on sound technique.
*Care for aging skin

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