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The 5 Golden Rules
of Takano Yuri

What Takano Yuri aims for is a healthy body that glows from the inside out.
The 5 Golden Rules of Takano Yuri, which have transformed countless women, has been used by many to succeed in actually creating the body of their dreams.

We not only provide esthetic treatments, but instruction on diet and exercise based on the 5 Golden Rules as well as advice on how to control feelings and more, helping support our customers create their ideal body.

For a healthy, beautiful body!

The 5 Golden Rules
of Takano Yuri

Graphical Weight Dialy

Clients are weighed four times a day, which is then graphed. This helps clients get the knack of losing weight.

Clients weight themselves four times a day, when they wake up, after breakfast, after dinner, and before going to bed, then enter this into the graph. The ideal graph is a clear mountain shape for each day. If clients skip breakfast, eat between meals, eat dinner late, or engage in non-stop eating or binge eating, they will see the graph get disrupted! Observing one’s eating behavior helps create right lifestyle habits of eating three meals a day.

Standard Weight and Cinderella Weight (Ideal Weight)

The way to measure standard body weight is height (m) x height (m) x 22
The Takano Yuri concept of Cinderella Body Weight (ideal body weight) is standard weight x 0.9
Aim to be slightly lighter than the standard weight.

  • success

    A beautiful triangular graph sloping down slightly to the right is proof of success!

  • Failure

    Graphs of failed dieters tells that there was a problem with their diet!

Here is the check point!

  • When you skip breakfast:

    Blanks in the graph tell that a meal has been skipped.

  • When you snack between meals:

    Weight increases just after dinner when you eat snacks between lunch and dinner

  • When you sleep immediately after eating:

    There is no change in weight after dinner and before going to bed

  • When you eat late at night:

    Weight does not go down before bed when you eat dinner late

Diet Advice

11 items for balanced eating, health and beauty

Eat 11 well-balanced foods every day for delicious, fun, and beautiful meals!
Create your ideal body with the PSMF Diet, which restricts carbs and fats to efficiently burn fat!

  • 1

    Milk and Cheese

    Full of calcium, vitamin A, B2, and protein. This provides small amounts of multiple nutrients. While dieting, consume items with less than 25% fat.

  • 2


    Contains 8 essential amino acids that the human body cannot produce. Eggs raise cholesterol, so limit consumption to one or two eggs a day.

  • 3


    Fish has lower calories than meat. We recommend consuming fresh fish raw, or grilling fish to remove fat. Fish provides high quality protein.

  • 4


    Meat is a rich source of protein, but can increase calories depending on the type and cut of meat. Consume lean meat for beef or pork, and remove skin for chicken. Don’t eat the fat.

  • 5

    Beans/Bean Products

    Around the world, beans are consumed as a valuable source of protein. Consuming processed soy products such as tofu or natto allows you to absorb nutrients more efficiently.

  • 6


    High in nutrients such as vitamins, carotene, and fiber, yet low in calories. Try to consume about 600 grams a day.

  • 7

    Root Vegetables

    For healthy beauty, try to eat fiber-rich root vegetables. Good eating, good sleep, and good digestion every day creates beauty.

  • 8


    Seaweeds are often used in Japanese cuisine. Since these are low calorie, they can be used abundantly in salads and more. Dried seaweed contains more minerals than raw.

  • 9


    Low calorie despite high levels of nutrients such as vitamin A, calcium, iron, and amino acids. Shellfish help lead to healthy beauty.

  • 10


    Sesame is an unsaturated fatty acid that helps maintain health. It also contains vitamin E, said to be deeply involved in hair and skin beauty.

  • 11

    Vegetable Oil

    Essential fatty acids contained in vegetable oils are crucial for health. Make sure to consume 1 to 2 teaspoons a day. However, do not old consume oil that has been open for a long time.

Satiety Check & Chewing Method

Chew thirty times each bite to feel satiated with a smaller meal.

Before eating, first check your whether you are hungry. Draw a circle on the checklist if you chewed 30 times with each bite during your meal, and then check for satiety after the meal. This may seem like a lot of work, but it’s actually quite easy. This prevents eating when you aren’t hungry or eating too much before satiety signals are sent from the brain, and once you get used to it, you will feel more satisfied with smaller amounts of food.

Check Your Chewing!

Chew 30 times with each bite. When you finish chewing, draw a circle. If you swallowed midway, make an x.

Check Satiety Levels!

Check your satiety level before the meal! Write your satiety level, with 0 for hungry and 10 for full!

Esthetic Calisthenics

Exercise helps burn calories.

Actively move the body with Esthetic Calisthenics recommended by Takano Yuri as well as aerobic exercise such as walking to efficiently burn more calories.

  • Leg rotation

    Sculpt the Belly

    Lay on your back and without moving your hips, move your legs as though pedaling a bicycle. The further away you move your leg from your body using your abdominal muscles, the greater the effect.

  • Leg Crossing

    Sculpt the Thighs

    Lift you legs, point your toes upward, then cross the legs over each other.

  • Leg Lifts

    Sculpt the Upper Arms

    Stretch your chest and bend your legs 90 degrees, then move up and down without touching the bottom.

  • Raising and Lowering the Hips

    Sculpt the Upper Arms

    Move your hips up and down by bending and stretching your arms, without touching your hips to the ground.

  • Arm & Leg Lifts

    Back Muscle Training

    Lift and lower your right arm and right leg at the same time. Do the same for you left arm and leg.

Esthetic Treatment

Esthetic treatments that lead to a beautiful body. Also helps create smooth skin.

Our estheticians care for our client’s minds as well as they help create your ideal body. Intensive treatments for parts of concern using such methods as thermal esthetics and massage techniques. We incorporate both relaxation courses to heal the mind as well as skincare courses to create a healthy body and beautiful skin, leading to an impression of vivaciousness.

  • Machine

    Refresh with an esthetic
    that encourages

  • Hand Technique

    Get your ideal body
    with esthetic massage.

  • Pack

    Tight, beautiful skin
    with a healing pack.

Items to support a life of beauty

Diet Passport & Graphical Weight Diary

We have developed our own original items to support your journey and make it easier to put the 5 Golden Rules into practice on a daily basis. Many women have actually used these items to help create their ideal body.