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Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic

Message from Yuri Takano

The Takano Yuri Brand, a Pioneer in the Esthetic Industry That Continues to Evolve

While Western medicine has advanced in recent years, alternative medicine has been drawing attention as well.
Preventative medicine that wards off illness before its onset, or reviving our own natural healing powers through healthy living on a daily basis, has become increasingly important.
The origins of esthetic is medical treatment.
Regardless of how much technology progresses, only humans can provide healing, soothing, and compassion.
The comfort felt in connecting with others brings out one’s kindness and beauty and brings forth the power to live positively.
Caring for the mind and body through esthetic treatments as a healthy habit…I hope that esthetics will play an important role in alternative medicine.

President and Chairperson of Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic

Takano Yuri

Takano Yuri

Representative of Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic, a beauty expert
Has developed direct sales stores nationwide
President of the General Incorporated Association Aesthetic Therapist Association
Operates children's welfare facilities such as "Kane no naru oka (Bell on the Hill), Youth's Home".
Chairperson of the Support Association for the social welfare corporation "Kane no naru oka, Aisei-kai"
Visiting professor at Beauty & Wellness Professionals University.
Councilor of the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation School Aid Japan .

Received the IPSN (International Professional Standards Organization) Honorary Award in April 2017
Received the Blue Ribbon Medal from the Emperor of Japan in July 2019
Won the QVC Japan 2021 Rising Star Award
Received the 9th Platinum Ageist Award (Beauty Category) in July 2023

Introduced cuttining-edge aging beauty from Switzerland, traditional Indian therapy "Ayurveda" theory, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi techniques, and other technologies from around the world to her esthetic activities

Actively engaged in various media as a beauty expert, appearing on television and in magazines

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